PPC Product Feeds

Google Shopping

As an e-commerce business, improving ROI from PPC is key. World Global Solutions has vast experience of helping etailers manage their product feeds for PPC. We can ensure your products are easily accessible via Google Shopping (previously a free service from Google).

A well-structured, concise and easy to manipulate product feed will help you run easy to manage and profitable PPC campaigns no matter what size your inventory.

Our PPC team can create bespoke advert copy for each and every product in your inventory, meaning that your prospects will always see the most relevant advert to their search, as well as an up to date price.

Product feeds can be tricky to set up but our team of paid search specialists teamed with our proprietary feed management software FeedLab can help you create your feeds right first time so you maximise ROI as quickly as possible.

Our vast experience of working with online retailers means no one is better placed to help you generate more sales and profit from your ecommerce website. World Global Solutions will help you maximise your budget and increase the profit derived from your PPC campaigns by ensuring that only products that are in stock are being advertised.

In such a fiercely competitive environment every penny of your advertising budget counts!

By advertising for specific products, showing highly targeted ads, and managing all your constantly changing stock and pricing information in one easy feed, you can help eliminate non-converting (and costly) traffic and increase your website’s ROI quickly.

Product PPC Advert Automations

If you have an extensive list of products you may wish to automate some or all of your PPC campaign. Automations use your existing product data to generate comprehensive PPC adverts, and keywords and are a very cost effective way to driving sales.

Despite being a computer-automated approach, automations, done properly, need extensive human input in order to make the work. In order to take advantage of both product-level and category level searches one must understand searcher intent and a computer alone cannot do this effectively.

World Global Solutions 's automations experts can offer you a tailored bespoke solution that will help you maximise the profitability of your product PPC campaigns by keeping them up-to-date daily.

If you are considering employing a PPC agency to help with your product automations, you may like to read our handy guide on: The 7 key questions you need to a prospective agency about PPC Product Automations'. It's available from our download centre (see right).

Increase the profitability of your pay per click campaigns today – find out more about product feed requirements and how World Global Solutions can help you sell more online by contacting us on (08) 6280 2227 .