Local SEO

What is local SEO for enterprise businesses?

Local search engine optimisation is essential for enterprise businesses, especially as it’s estimated that 1 in 3 search queries typed into a standard Google search bar are about places, and finding out information about locations. This, combined with Google giving more personalised search results means location is a key factor when Google serves results for users.

Businesses that are optimising on a national level, but not optimising their individual locations are potentially missing out on valuable above-the-fold results, the most important being the “Local Snack Pack”. These specialist local listings contain the following information:

  • Directions, or telephone number of your business
  • First line of your address
  • Type of business (e.g. shoe shop, taxi service, etc.)

These new “Local Snack Pack” results only show three listings, reduced from seven, meaning it’s become even more competitive to be listed in local search results. The value of these listings is magnified when combined with an effective search engine optimisation strategy, giving your business the potential to dominate the first page of Google. This highlights the need for enterprise businesses to have an effective local SEO strategy to maximise exposure across organic search results.

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What we do

Our objective for clients is to achieve top ranking positions for their individual locations. This would include broad match searches and keywords within a specified location. To achieve this, Search Laboratory offers in-depth analysis and a unique approach to local search engine optimisation. This includes:

Google My Business

  • Is your account set up correctly? We can advise on best practice and ensure your GMB is fully optimised.

Local audit and competitor analysis

  • Which locations are not ranking, why they are not ranking and who are the main competitors in that location?

Local SEO campaign

  • A locally targeted SEO campaign, aiming to achieve the top ranking positions.

Management and reporting

  • A dedicated Account Manager coordinating the optimisation process and reporting on campaign progress.

Every strategy is bespoke and unique to the individual client's online requirements. To speak to one of our experts and gain an understanding of your current local set up, please get in touch.